Standard Life privacy policies

Standard Life is a brand used in the UK for life savings products and services. Since September 2018, this brand is now used by both the Standard Life Aberdeen group and Standard Life Assurance Limited as separate companies.

Standard Life Assurance Limited (“Standard Life”) has recently been acquired by The Phoenix Group. Standard Life Assurance Limited and the Phoenix Group will continue to work in partnership with Standard Life Aberdeen plc to continue providing our customers, clients and partners with the same quality of customer service and range of products and services. Standard Life Assurance Limited uses the Standard Life brand under licence from the Standard Life Aberdeen group.

Following the acquisition, our existing privacy policy has been updated to reflect the change in ownership of Standard Life Assurance Limited to The Phoenix Group.

As the partnership is further established, our privacy policies will continue to be refined as appropriate to ensure you receive clear and concise information on how your personal data is being collected and used.

Standard Life Aberdeen

If you hold a Wrap account, personal portfolio, ISA, or a product with Elevate please refer to our Standard Life Aberdeen privacy policy.

Standard Life Assurance Limited

If you hold a Wrap SIPP or Onshore bond, please see the Standard Life Assurance Limited privacy policy.

Standard Life International dac

If you hold a Wrap International Portfolio (Offshore) bond, please refer to the Standard Life International dac privacy policy.